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History of Sabong Betting

History of Sabong Betting

Sabong betting origins are still unknown in the country,
but nowadays it is pretty common for people to lay their wagers during the Sabong fights.
Mostly, punters will bet on which “competitor” will end up victorious in a 1×2 kind of bet.

Sabong, also known as cockfighting, is one of the most ancient sports in the Philippines,
being really very traditional in the country. For years and years, the population of the Philippines
has been having fun with this sport and, of course, trying to make some money with it.

Duterte: Yes to ‘e-sabong,’ no to 24/7 gambling

MANILA, Philippines — Unless Congress decides otherwise, the national government,
through the Philippine Games and Amusement Corp. (Pagcor), will continue to allow and regulate online cockfighting,
or “e-sabong,” but President Rodrigo Duterte doesn’t want the game played the whole day.

“It’s only done in America, in the casinos in hotels. Here, it’s not being held in the hotel
but the entire nation is free to go gambling,” the president said during a recorded meeting
with Cabinet members and other government officials on Tuesday that was broadcast on Wednesday.

“So,I will look first on what is its system. But gambling for 24 hours,
I seem to disagree with that proposition,” he added.

Duterte said he is personally against all forms of gambling because of its social costs,
in addition to problems of game-fixing and the government’s inability to keep minors away
from online cockfighting and becoming addicted to it.

Sabong Betting

What Is Sabong?

lodi777 Sabong, or cockfighting, is one of the oldest betting sports in the Philippines.
Though most countries have banned the “bloodsport,” its history in the islands has upheld
the pastime as more or less sacrosanct, and it’s a tradition that millions of Filipinos participate in on a daily basis.

Cockfighting is a combat arena sport that pits two roosters, or cocks (aka gamecocks), against one another in a ring.
These birds are typically chosen based on size and aggression similarities, and they have blades
(single-edged or double-edged) affixed to their left legs. Per owner agreement,
however, some fights feature blades on the right legs or both legs of the animals.

Once primed to fight, the cocks are loosed into the sabong pit (aka the cockpit),
and they attack one another with beak, blade, and talon. The referee can call the fight at any time,
as it’s usually clear which bird has won the fight after only a few minutes.