How to control winning more than losing when playing lottery

How to control winning more than losing when playing lottery

How to control winning more than losing when playing lottery

Hello readers, with the start of the 2022 Kata World Football Championship and the Olympic Games driving the sports boom in Taiwan, the lottery company’s sales last year reached a record high of NT$58.8 billion, and the popularity of playing the lottery is growing, with the National Sports Development Fund exceeding NT$5 billion, becoming an important aid to the government and the development of national sports. Today, we’re going to take a look at how to keep your money under such a booming trend, so that you can bet not only for entertainment, but also to subsidize your spending, instead of losing your pants.


Playing the Lottery – Preface

The reason is that I would like you to think about how huge a business lottery is, like 7-11 and Carrefour, how can a betting company let people make money so easily and simply? The company’s betting system is a company that needs to make a profit, a casino will never lose money because they have a fixed formula for the odds, the same for the betting board and handicap, because there must be a bunch of mathematical analysts and psychologists in their team, always at the fastest speed.


So if you want to place a bet today, remember to study from the bookmaker’s point of view, how to make the game exciting for the general public, the bookmaker will make money when the punters place their bets, if you have been paying attention, do you think that many games have been unbelievable since the beginning of the game, but if you ask someone who simply watches the game, he will feel that every game is super exciting, for example: the opening game 5:0 for the audience who simply watch the game, must feel very satisfied. For example, the opening match 5:0 will be very satisfying for those who simply watch the game, or Portugal vs Spain, where the two sides played back and forth to 3:3, or Argentina and Brazil’s first draw, in fact, for soccer fans, it’s really exciting and exciting to watch, but some bettors will say, “Why didn’t you win, why was there so much difference between strength and weakness before, and now it’s a draw, so and so, so and so. The reason for this is because of what it means: this year will be a very exciting slaying.

Play Lottery – How to Play

So back to the point, if you want to play the lottery today, but do not want to lose to jump off a building, how to hold yourself, do not resist the temptation to argue when you lose the ball, here comes the main point, remember to treat the amount of bets as one of your monthly fixed expenses, the final monthly profit is positive no matter how much the amount, if you lose all is lost, please treat it as if it was already an expense, remember! You must not lose all and still want to continue to argue to win back, this is to break their own principles, will die a very bad death.

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