How to play lottery? Lucky Gaming will teach you !!

How to play lottery? Lucky Gaming will teach you !!

How to play lottery? Lucky Gaming will teach you !!

Lottery games are one of the recreational activities for many players, but have you heard about how to play lottery games? How is the operation of the lottery calculated? Through it you can make more money. What skills do you need to know? It’s okay if you don’t know. Let’s follow in my footsteps and learn how to run a lottery together. It’s not as hard as you think! Now lottery games have also become a kind of fun to watch football, in addition to enjoying the game, it can also increase the sense of excitement, double enjoyment!!

Understand the operation of lottery and lottery calculation

When it comes to lottery, I’m sure everyone is familiar with it and even learned something from it. But do you know the lottery and the lottery pass? What exactly does this mean? In fact, a lottery game is a game in which the player chooses 2 or more games and places a bet using method. They can choose up to 8 races, and can choose different race pipelines and different sports at the same time. As long as the number of games is confirmed in advance, they can bet on the same bet at once. In addition, by running the calculation of the lottery, if the player successfully passes the game, the odds of each level can be continuously increased, and the bonus will be doubled and doubled, increasing the excitement of betting.

The calculation method of cascading is open to the public

Then it’s the turn of the algorithm part of the lottery calculation. Knowing how to calculate the calculation and betting on the lottery is also one of the necessary skills for professional lottery players. It can make you do more with less, and it is not very difficult! The general calculation method of lottery cascading is: bet * (1 + odds of the 1st game) * (1 + odds of the 2nd game) * ……, it depends on how many games the player bets on, and so on.

For example, player A spends 200 yuan to buy, and buys 3 levels; the odds of the first game are 0.6, the odds of the second game are 0.8, the odds of the third game are 1.1, and the final result If you pass all the levels, then the final bonus that Player A can get is: 200*(1+0.6)*(1+0.8)*(1+1.1)=1,209.6, after deducting the principal, it means that Player A has won about 1,000 yuan.

Restrictions on Cross-Counting Calculations

Are there any restrictions on the calculation of the lottery? Players must pay special attention when betting on the lottery. Only less popular sporting events can cross borders, and popular sporting events cannot cross borders; furthermore, if players want to travel across the same game, they cannot bet on the big and small plates and give points at the same time. They need more attention!

What makes players curious about the lottery must also include “Do you have to pass all the passes?” It’s a mystery. When calculating a level crossing, because betting on a level crossing is a string of 2 or more games on the same bet slip, in short, all betting options must be passed. In other words, players only get bonuses if they win each level; if you don’t pass one of the levels, you won’t get any bonuses. Players should pay attention to avoid losing more than the gains!

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