Winning Baccarat Secret Techniques Don’t Hide Secrets

Winning Baccarat Secret Techniques Don’t Hide Secrets

Winning Baccarat Secret Techniques Don’t Hide Secrets

The first baccarat trick: bet less “and” when playing baccarat

In the basic rules of baccarat, players can choose to bet on the three outcomes of “Banker, Player, and Tie”.

According to the calculation of probability and expected value, the house edge of the banker is about 1.06%, and that of the idler is about 1.24%, which means that for every 100 yuan bet, the player will lose 1.06 yuan (zhuang) or 1.24 yuan (idler) respectively. Only the house edge of the banker and the player is mentioned above, so you must be curious: what if the house edge of the bet sum?

The answer is: The house edge of a draw is about 14.4%. This probability means that the average player betting 100 yuan will lose 14.4 yuan! This is a very high gap and very risky bet, so try to avoid betting on “ands” if you can.

The second baccarat secret skill: if you want to make money, bet on the “Zhuang”!

From tip 1, we can see that betting on the “banker” in baccarat is the best option because the banker has the lowest house edge of the three positions.

Someone once conducted a statistical analysis of the probability of lodi777 gameplay and found that if you bet for a long time, the probability of the banker winning is more than 50%.

But there is no free lunch in the world, because the winning rate of the betting banker is too high, so if you play the banker and win money, you need to be charged a 5% fee.

The third baccarat trick: quick raise when opening the banker

If you want to win big in baccarat, the most important key is – raising. Assuming the player bet on the banker to win, after the first win, he can immediately raise the banker to bet again. Although the chance of Zhuang appearing is much higher than that of Xian Yuhe, there is no guarantee that the Zhuang will be opened.

Therefore, I will remind you again and again that you should not bet on the banker because you have won two or three games in a row. After all, the banker still has a 1.06% house edge. You can’t be lucky enough to win every game without losing.

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The fourth baccarat secret technique: Baccarat technique to see the way

As tip 3, if you lose your streak, don’t bet on another situation right away.

Usually if there is a winning streak ahead, players are advised to slow down and observe a few games before continuing to bet. At this time, players must first “see the road” to see if the card road that appears in the field is in line with what they think, and then continue your pursuit of winning streak.

Look at the road is divided into: chessboard road, big road, small road, small strong road and so on.

The fifth baccarat trick: please ignore the “and” when it appears

Now almost every casino’s baccarat game is set to return the player’s bet amount if a draw is drawn, and the draw is like a tie, which is no longer a betting method. Therefore, when looking at the road, if you see a draw, you can just ignore it.

The sixth baccarat secret skill: alternate between banker and idler: when “free” loses, immediately switch to “banker”

If you originally bet on Free, and find that Free has lost after the lottery is drawn, please change back to the bank immediately.

There is no other reason, because the chance of winning the lottery is relatively high, and there is even a “straight win” situation from time to time.

The seventh baccarat secret technique: an important topic of casino fighting – gambling money control

Measuring your own funds is the only way to survive in the casino for a long time. If you can’t even control your own funds, it is strongly recommended that you do not play gambling games. How to control the betting amount in baccarat game?

Suppose you have $200 in funds and you want to bet $10 each time, so you have 20 chances to play baccarat. If you are very unfortunate enough to lose all 200 yuan, then it is recommended that you leave the casino/entertainment city temporarily and come back in a few days; and if you have won money and want to continue playing, it is recommended to use half of the total funds and take half of the funds. Keep playing.