What baccarat tips & strategy can make you money? - baccarat

What baccarat tips & strategy can make you money?

What baccarat tips & strategy can make you money?

Baccarat strategy actually has a secret

Baccarat strategy 1: Single Jump No Bet

Baccarat players like to catch dragons and follow dragons the most, but the path of baccarat changes frequently.

In many cases, even if you exhaust all advanced baccarat skills, you still cannot get out of the bad path.

‘s clutches. It’s best to switch tables decisively at this time, and don’t waste money and life on a game where you can’t see the future.

Baccarat strategy 2: Not Influenced by Others

Human beings are susceptible to speech and behavior, and we can only avoid this situation. How not to be incited in baccarat, stay away from the crowd

OK, but it’s not about picking a table with fewer players, it’s about making your mind clear.

Especially for players who use the lodi777 baccarat technique of looking at the road, you will not necessarily call when others bet, but you will inevitably think about the result of the bet in your mind.

When someone loses money, you are happy. This is a fluke mentality; when you see others winning, and the betting items are the same as what you have simulated in your heart, you will feel unwilling. Don’t underestimate these

Small changes in mood, oftentimes, you can no longer remain calm, which in turn affects your ability to analyze and make decisions.

Baccarat strategy 3: Novices use flat bets

If you are new to the baccarat technique of watching the road, then it is strongly recommended that you use a flat bet in the betting allocation. Bet allocation is also an important part of baccarat skills

If the bets are not allocated properly, let alone win money, if there is no loss, then Amitabha will be.

So what is the concept of flat note? Very simple, bet a fixed amount for each game. The baccarat technique of flat betting not only protects the principal, but also does not work when things go wrong.

As for making players lose too badly. There is no obvious profit in the short term, but in the long run, it can add up to a small amount of passive income. want to win at baccarat

Money players, don’t underestimate the flat bet method.

Baccarat strategy 4: Don’t follow suit

This is the experience of many baccarat players. While most players may feel that not following the trend will be a missed opportunity to win money in baccarat, it is more often the case when you

When you are optimistic about which way like most players, you will bet a lot of chips in a rush, and you will lose a lot of money in the authorities.

However, this is not for you and everyone to bet against you. Some baccarat veterans have the experience of giving up this game directly. I’d rather not win than risk losing the possibility of money.

Baccarat strategy 5: The trick to catching the dragon

If you want to win money in baccarat, you have to know how to catch the dragon; if you want to catch the dragon in baccarat, the best baccarat skill to use is to watch the road. But use the baccarat technique of watching the road

When catching a dragon, you should pay special attention to the timing of the cut, otherwise it is easy to catch only the tail of the dragon. Usually, if you connect more than three dragons, you can try to catch the dragon.

In Baccarat Zhuanglong, it is suitable to start watching the road when the game is 1/3 – but watching the road only looks at the road of the last ten rounds, and you don’t need to watch the road before, it is easy to mess up the judgment.


According to statistics, each deck of cards has an average of five chances to open three bankers or three players in a row; for the chances of opening five banks or five players in a row, there will only be at most three opportunities in a deck of cards.

times; and the chances of opening eight bankers or opening eight players in a row are only encountered once every three cards on average.

So if you want to win money in baccarat by catching the dragon, in addition to the timing point, and

Timing is also important.

Baccarat strategy 6: Losses and Stops

Capital management is the only way for players to win money in baccarat. If mentality is also regarded as a baccarat skill, it must be the most difficult one to learn.

One suggestion, if you’re not the kind of person who’s willing to sit at the table and spend ten or twenty games with other players, you can start by dividing your stakes into four equal parts. After starting to look at the road

Bet two bets in the first game of the bet, if you win the next game, then raise it slightly, and so on; if the first game of the bet is lost, bet 1/4 of the first game in the second game

Note. If you still lose the second game, the third game is your last chance today, and you will bet 1/4 of the bet of the last game.

If you lose three games in a row, just admit that you are in bad luck today or see the wrong way. Don’t continue to want to gamble. Stop immediately to avoid losing more and more.

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What baccarat tips can make you money?

【Baccarat tips 1】Don’t press and harmonize

Baccarat strategy? This baccarat technique refers to the fact that “and” is a special betting option in baccarat. If “and” is called when betting on “banker” and “player”, all the bet chips will be refunded, but ” And the odds are as high as 8 times.

At first glance, it may seem a lot, but after calm calculation, you will find that the odds are not proportional to the probability of opening, so if you want to make money, don’t press “and”.

【Baccarat tips 2】The Immortal Guides the Way

If you want to make money in baccarat, the advantage of this baccarat technique is that it is very simple, and the disadvantage is also obvious. You need to accumulate a certain number of hands to make money.

The middle cards are A, 6, and 7.

Positive numbers are 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Negative cards are 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K.

The algorithm is as follows:

When there are 3 to 6 negative cards in total, buy “Free” next.

When there are 0~2 negative cards in total, buy “Zhuang” next.

【Baccarat tips 3】Make money with money

If you want to make money from baccarat steadily, you need to know how to make money with money.

This baccarat technique means that the principal prepared when we enter the market is assumed to be 20 five hundred chips, then we put all the redeemed chips in the right pocket, and then all the winning chips are received in the left pocket , wait until the principal is used up to see if the left pocket is more or less than the entry.

If there is more, you can consider whether to use the winning chips to continue playing. If you lose, it is recommended to keep at least half of the initial principal and not spend it. The most important thing to make money in baccarat is to seek stability.

【Baccarat tips 4】Lighting up

If you still don’t know how to play baccarat, here is a very simple trick.

This baccarat technique refers to the so-called lighting a bet with someone, and some people say it is called borrowing luck.

If this person wins all the time, we will call him a beacon, and he will follow what he does.

If this person keeps losing, we will call him Ming Deng, and he will do everything in reverse.

It should be noted that lighting the lantern is to borrow the good luck of others. Casino veterans say that at this time, you must never put too much bet or wait too long, because good luck will be borrowed.

But the lantern can be lit all the time and can be refilled at the right time, because you didn’t borrow his bad luck, so he still bears everything silently.

【Baccarat tips 5】Chip Allocation

The winning method in the theory of doubling the bet is very simple. The casino is very simple to crack, as long as the betting limit is set for each table. If this winning method does not work, we still have other ways to play. The betting method can be said to be the best betting method at present.

At the beginning, if the next bet is won, bet 3, bet 2, and bet 4 in order.

As soon as you lose, you return to bet 1, and the result is that as long as you win the second hand, you will make a profit, and the loss will not exceed two bets.

【Baccarat tips 6】 Grasp the Dragon Vein

There is a way to make money in baccarat, and it is not counted as card counting. This method is to catch the dragon vein.

The boss is free to buy leisure, and open the village to buy the village.

The advantage of this is that you can follow the dragon all the way to the end. The disadvantage is that you need to start playing from the first hand of each game, and it takes a lot of time to patiently catch the dragon.