Mark Six Lottery Prediction Tool Related to Zodiac?

Mark Six Lottery Prediction Tool Related to Zodiac?

Mark Six Lottery Prediction Tool Related to Zodiac?

Mark Six Lottery Prediction Tool

Mark Six Lottery Prediction Tool1. Code report

As the official information in the underground lottery world, the code report is an authoritative document for betting prediction.

It is said to be the savior printed by Wong Tai Sin who knows the inside story of the lottery result. It is distributed to all lottery players for free.

Lottery players will spend a lot of time studying the code report, which is mainly used to decipher the zodiac signs that will be released in this issue.

The code report is usually a piece of A4-sized double-sided paper. The cheap printing quality and the irregular typesetting present the code newspaper that is circulating in the rivers and lakes.

It is roughly estimated that there are about 50-100 riddles on a code newspaper, for example: Zeng Daoren said that the first issue of winning money is a decision: If you want money to see the funniest zodiac, Xie Houyu Liuhe Special Code: Blind people read books – the point of view is unclear.

The first half of each sentence is the source of the riddle, and the second half of the sentence is the riddle of this issue.

According to senior lottery players, it is enough to look at some riddles near the upper left corner of the front of the code report.

As for the accuracy of the code report, lottery players think that it is accurate most of the time, and occasionally not right, but as long as you study hard, you can It can better decipher the results of the lecture in this issue, so the lottery players are very enthusiastic about deciphering the report, and they communicate with each other and enjoy it.

In addition, when you guess the zodiac sign with a flat code, you can guess a common zodiac sign with a probability of 0.47 to appear in the result, so even if you guess blindly, you will not be wrong too much.

Another problem that is easy to ignore is that there are more than 50 riddles on a code report, which is equivalent to 50 Zeng Taoists giving prediction results every time.

Even if they guess completely, there are always several Zeng Taoists who are accurate The accuracy rate will be higher.

The few riddles in the upper left corner of the recent half-year code report are more accurate.

The lottery players follow the upper left corner. After half a year, the lower right corner is more accurate. Then change the strategy to the lower right corner.

The underground lottery lottery uses the lottery numbers of the Hong Kong lottery lottery directly.

If the code report is useless, why does everyone read it? The production of code newspapers and zodiac watches has become a huge industry, how can it be fake?

right! It’s all fake. As for why everyone reads code newspapers, it’s the same reason why underground lottery is only popular among groups in underdeveloped areas.

There are also arguments that the result of automatic mechanical betting is also controlled by the computer. In this case, various cheating behaviors are easy to occur. People who know the result buy the code themselves and do not need to print the code report. The best way to prevent internal cheating behavior is to let The boot results are completely random.

Mark Six Lottery Prediction Tool2. Website Forecast

Various predictions on the underground lottery prediction website directly give numbers or zodiac signs, without spending a lot of time to study, there are nearly a hundred prediction methods on one page, some websites will change the prediction of this period after the lottery is drawn, and deceive website users aboveboard. , and some sites simply know that the prediction error part is deleted from the history.

Lottery players use statistical knowledge to choose a reliable prediction method. For example, a prediction method with an accuracy rate of 90% in the lottery player’s impression is still about 70% accurate after careful statistics of 100 periods.

Similar to the riddle of the code report, with so many prediction methods, there will always be a few with a high accuracy rate within half a year. If the time gets longer and longer, the accuracy rate of the code zodiac prediction will gradually approach 47%.

Of course, there will not be too many historical records on the website. Some prediction methods with low accuracy will be removed, and then several new predictions will be opened, so as to ensure that various predictions on the website look good.

Mark Six Lottery Prediction Tool3. Create your own rules

Some lottery players believe that there are laws in everything. As long as they study, they can find the laws contained in the numbers.

Then they write down the results of each lottery in their notebooks, and ponder the numbers, zodiac signs, special codes, flat codes and different periods. intricate connections between them.

Although a lottery player is not very experienced, he is a good player in finding rules. He recorded about 150 lottery results and found a variety of rules that match these records.

As in rule 1:
The penultimate zodiac sign in each issue has a very high chance of appearing in the next issue.

Rule 2:
Rule 1 is true most of the time, and if it is wrong, it will never be wrong twice in a row.

Rule 3:
If the special code in this issue is “rat”, then there will definitely be snakes in the flat code in the next issue.

Suppose there is an alternative law: this year is the Year of the Monkey, so every issue will have monkeys.

If there are 8 monkeys out of 10 flat numbers, this still does not make us believe that this law is correct, maybe it is just a coincidence. But if there are 800 dragons in 1000 flat codes, then this rule may be true, which means that a large amount of data can verify the rule.

In addition, the smaller the number of alternative rules, the better the rules can be verified.

There are many types of riddles such as code reports, and there is always one type that performs relatively better, but this type of better performance does not represent the overall predictive ability of the code report.

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Crack Mark Six Lottery Zodiac Rules

Mark Six Lottery Rules 1

The probability of the penultimate zodiac appearing in the next issue is actually about 70% in each issue. First, the amount of data of 150 is not too much. Secondly, this rule must be the best one selected from the nth zodiac that will appear in the next issue. , the number of its candidate laws is 7, which reduces the credibility of the laws.

Mark Six Lottery Rules 2

In the 150 periods, the case where the rule 1 is wrong twice in a row only occurs once. Even if you guess randomly, the probability of two or three consecutive mistakes is not high. In addition, two or three periods of this rule are one round, which is equivalent to reducing the amount of data to 50. Such The amount of data makes it difficult to say that the law is reliable.

Mark Six Lottery Rules 3

It greatly reduces the amount of data that can be used to verify it, the rules are more complex, and there are more alternative rules.

The imagination of lottery players can construct some complex rules. The more complex the rules are, the more alternative rules are, and the more data is needed to verify.

Although the so-called laws found by lottery players are invalid, the idea of ​​finding laws from data is still worth promoting in the era of big data.