online Sabong players play sabong until they disappear?

online Sabong players play sabong until they disappear?

online Sabong players play sabong until they disappear?

sabong player disappearance case

In January last year, a number of sabong betting players were kidnapped in the Philippines, which aroused strong protests from some people in the industry, and the Philippine government also conducted an in-depth investigation into the matter.

According to Sin Chew Daily, the police have received reports of sabong betting players missing after watching the game. A total of 34 people have been missing.

As of April 19, there is still no news.

Authorities suspected that the disappearance was related to local police and fired several suspected officers.

Philippine National Police Chief Leonardo. Carlos (Dionardo Carlos) revealed that he received news about the police participating in online sabong betting, he pointed out: “We do not encourage our employees to gamble because it is not in line with the professional image.”

The Philippine gaming watchdog also took the opportunity to advise People are advised not to participate in illegal and unregistered online sabong activities to avoid being defrauded.

A commentary in the Manila Times criticized the Philippine government for not taking measures to prevent the proliferation of online sabong.

In addition to the fact that the gaming watchdog did not hold a public hearing when it approved legal online sabong, they also discovered that a new online sabong branch was opened near the headquarters of the Philippine National Police.

The comments are ironic that it is the traditional sabong industry itself that can fully solve online sabong activities.

Ako Breeder, the political party that defends sabong operators, said online sabong was a huge threat to traditional operators and called on the government to impose stricter regulations on the industry.

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What is online sabong? Online casino game introduction

Online sabong is a live online gaming game, which is popular in East and West Asia; however, it is not all prevalent in Asia because of animal protection laws and regulations; due to the excitement of this kind of gambling, not only money wins and losses, but also fights.

Pleasure, and many gamblers will privately cultivate their own sabong to conquer the Quartet.

The common gameplays in Philippine online casinos include timing, high-low chicken, and betting.

Similar to the pigeon game in Taiwan in the early days, the winning sabong will rise in price, and the losing sabong will end miserably, and this is a game of physical competition. , and because the event is very popular in the local area, online casino operators have begun to introduce them.

They use the live broadcast of sabong events to allow players to watch and place bets directly, and they can bet directly through the online live broadcast. The annual income of the relevant online casino operators is amazing.

Most of the common sabong activities are located in Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia and other places.

Among them, the sabong game in the casino game in Thailand is the most famous, and it is also bloody; the chicken feet of sabong will be tied with a knife, so sabong often splashes blood in the casino, timing system The gameplay is to fall to the ground and play dead or dodge and abandon the battle within about 90 minutes to lose the fight.

The high-low chicken is similar to the strong and weak team play. The weaker sabong has higher odds. If it is not defeated within the specified time, it will win.