Legal gambling! Introducing the rules of the sabong game!

Legal gambling! Introducing the rules of the sabong game!

Legal gambling! Introducing the rules of the sabong game!

Thai sabong game! About the showdown between chickens and chickens

If you are talking about sports in Thailand, maybe you only know about Muay Thai, but in fact, Thailand has another national quintessence, which is sabong.

Thailand sabong is a traditional culture in Thailand, and it has also become a cultural heritage.

From the Sukhothai Dynasty, the Ayutthaya Dynasty to the current Rama Dynasty, Thailand sabong can be described as a good breed of sabong, with bright feathers, strong legs and slightly curved legs. , The plumage is compact, attached to the body surface, and the body is solid.

sabong – the only legal gambling in Thailand

sabong, the only open gambling method in a country that permanently seals gambling.

Since 1935, all gambling behaviors have been banned in Thailand.

The Thai rulers believe that gambling is the source of all corruption and depravity, and open gambling is to breed sin and greed.
However, people’s hearts can’t stand the unrest that they can’t get.

Although gambling is forbidden on the surface, it is really only on the “bright surface”. In essence, gambling just continues to exist in a different form, that is —sabong.

Thailand’s sabong field, the cruelty of human nature is vented here

Thailand’s sabong farm is notoriously bloody and cruel. The winning chicken is scarred and the defeated chicken is executed on the spot, but it is still popular with the public.

Maybe it is exactly what someone said, “The kindest people in the world are people, and the cruelest people are people.

Some people have no strength, so they use such means as sowing discord, fanning the flames, instigating and instigating others to incite others to fight. , thereby indirectly venting his aggressive mentality and satisfying his aggressive desires.”

Thai people endure and give in all day long. After all, they are human beings. People always need to pour out the unkind things in their human nature. Gambling is banned.

On the outskirts of Bangkok 30 kilometers away, there is a giant shack that opens the door between heaven and hell – IMFsabong Field. The huge metal sabong field attracts gamblers from all over the world, making the blood boil.

The MFsabong farm is open every Sunday and is closed for one week every three consecutive weeks. The security here is in place, and it even has its own gambling system.

Before entering the door, you will get a small yellow notebook, each with an independent number, and then you will be asked to take a picture with the notebook to record and store it in the computer.

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sabong game rules

Each sabong will play 5 games against its opponent, and implement a best-of-5-game system. Each game is 25 minutes long with no pauses in between.

During this period, if one side is completely subdued, the referee will terminate the game and directly declare the winner. If this does not happen, it is up to the referee to decide the victory or defeat of the authorities by points.
Thailand sabong, and foreign sabong scene is different. Foreign sabong is also gambling, but that is the gambler and the boss of the sabong market, which side to bet and how much to bet.

You should buy lottery tickets before entering the venue, and you can only see the difference after entering the venue. Thailand’s sabong, the scene is bigger than the foreign one, and the fight is more fierce than the foreign one. If you don’t fight, you will die.

The owner of the IMF arena is a local general, so he can avoid the inspection of the local police, and there are strict security guarantees in the sabong field: number and take pictures of the delicious guests, and the disputes can be checked immediately when they are shipped. Record.

As long as the city is in the palm of your hand, there is nothing to worry about.

If you come to Thailand to play, why not come and experience the charm of this sabong venue!