How to play the traditional online game “sabong”? - sabong

How to play the traditional online game “sabong”?

How to play the traditional online game “sabong”?

Traditional online game “sabong”

Sabong, also known as “knock kid”, is a folk game that is not limited by time and space. It can not only exercise children’s physique, but also lay a good foundation for children’s physical fitness and enhance children’s regularity.

Through the collision of the knees in the whole game, the children’s perception ability is improved, and the competition consciousness of the children is also enhanced. Standing on one foot can improve children’s balance ability and endurance.

At the beginning, I learned how to walk with a big rooster: how does a big rooster walk? When a big rooster walks, the cockscomb stands up, and the tail feathers are raised, which is very impressive. Let’s learn the big rooster to walk together and walk in a circle. (put**)

The weather is so nice to do cock fuck, let’s do a “cock fuck” together.

The basic part is free to explore the method of sabong Teacher: The big roosters are doing great, today we are going to play a folk game of sabong.

Think – think, how many people do sabong need to play? Yes, sabong needs two or more people to play, so how can we play?

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What other sabong methods?

Who will do the action.

The method for children to practice sabong freely… Teacher: The children just came up with a lot of sabong methods, do you want to try it?

Now, please find a good friend to play with, and come up with different ways to play. Remember: As soon as you stop, come back and stand in a circle.

The teacher observes the children playing. ”

Summary exchange: How did you play? Please come and play. (Please play different children from others) These children’s gameplay is really interesting, we also go to learn and play.

(Continue to learn the actions children think)

Key exercises: hopping on one foot

Teacher: The little roosters have used a lot of methods. It’s great. Just now, the teacher saw some children and their friends doing sabong with their knees.

Today we play with this method, and we use the method of hopping on one foot. , that is, bend one leg up, grab the ankle with one hand, and grab the calf with the other hand, keep the back straight, keep the foot elastic, swing the knee up and down, and use the knee of the bent leg to touch the opposite side.

The side of the rooster’s knee, which falls on the foot first, is a failure.

Now the teacher asks the children to find a good friend to play with.

When sabong, the two hands cannot be released, and the knees are used to push the top, and the balance must be maintained. The kid who lands on his feet first loses. “Teachers go on tour for guidance.