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Five tips for beginners to learn baccarat

Five tips for beginners to learn baccarat

Baccarat has become the most common gambling game in physical casinos or online casinos. In addition to the simple rules and gameplay, baccarat is also recognized as one of the fairest gambling games in the world. In fact, Baccarat Joy is one of the oldest and most famous of all poker entertainment games. It does not limit the number of people who need to participate in the game. Players at the table can also bet freely.

In this article, the author completely analyzes the five major benefits of online baccarat based on the experience of senior players, on-the-spot investigation, and cross-comparison of data and information provided by major institutions. These advantages are the main advantages of physical casinos such as Macau and Las Vegas. There is none in the casino. The author will explain to you on this site why more and more people choose to play at home instead of directly flying abroad to play. Online baccarat has even surpassed other brick-and-mortar casinos by a large margin in the past two years. According to the data, The number of users alone is more than 10 times.

Baccarat Skill 1: Whoever wins the previous hand will follow it in the next hand!

The most important thing in playing baccarat is to be in a stable mood and not be impatient. Most players start betting as soon as they enter the game. This is absolutely impossible! You must observe the trend of baccarat. This technique is used here. We will see whether the current result is a banker or an idle player. If it is a banker, we will buy the banker in the next hand, and vice versa. When you have free time, just buy free time, keep up with it, and follow it until it stops!

If you just played with the banker, and the result is free, it means that the banker is broken. At this time, change to follow the free, and continue to repeat this play until the free is bought. Remember! If you draw a draw, please don’t buy a draw, because the probability of a draw is too low, please wait for the result of the next draw before calling.

If according to the above play method, if you lose two games in a row with the banker or the banker, you should change the play method at this time. The above play method is to buy the banker and buy the banker. On the contrary, if you open the banker in the previous bet and buy the banker in the next bet, if you open the banker in the previous bet and buy the player in the next bet, you can use these two play methods flexibly.

Baccarat Skill 2: The Regularity of Baccarat Beads

When playing baccarat, we will all see a table like the one above, also known as bead board road. The red circle represents the banker, the blue circle represents the player, and the green line in the circle represents the draw. . You can find out the regularity of the game by observing the trend of each bead game, although the result will not be the same every time, as shown in the picture above, we can see that the dealer has started a wave of winning streaks. , if you follow the banker to continue betting, will it make you a lot of pocket money, learning skills is so important!


Baccarat Tips 3: When did the baccarat dragon appear?

Referring to the picture attached to Skill 2, we can clearly see the banker’s winning streak, which is also known as the long dragon. The best way to judge when the baccarat dragon appears is that the same result appears in 3 consecutive rounds, for example: Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang or Xian Xian Xian, this time is probably the time when the dragon appears! It is right for the long dragon to follow until it is broken, but what should I do after the dragon is broken?

Only use the following three tricks to save the Dragon Broken Crisis!

The first move: Baccarat Long Dragon Breaks the Dragon

When you find that the baccarat dragon has been cut off, don’t be disheartened. We still have a turning point. We have opened several dealers along the way. At this time, we kill the idle player and cut off the dragon halfway. Don’t curse it at this time, because According to the format of the card road, there is a high probability that the dealer will be opened after the player. At this time, chasing the dealer may have unexpected gains.

The second trick: Baccarat even open the banker

This kind of situation is to open two of the same hands as a group, and the two parties have a tacit understanding and neither will let the other. In the exchange lottery mode, you can judge how to play in the next round according to which one was opened in the previous round!

The third trick: baccarat single jump

When the baccarat single jump is broken, there is a great chance of a long dragon! For example: Zhuang Xian Zhuang Xian Zhuang Xian Zhuang Xian Xian, you can find that the idle has appeared twice, interrupting the single jump situation, so the probability of opening the idle in the next game is very high! Long dragons may appear again.

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Baccarat Tip 4: Set a Stop Loss Point

We have all heard of ten bets and nine losers. Often the losers are planted in the mentality that they can win back, and they keep raising their chips and watching the amount of money column continue to drop sharply! Therefore, we should set a stop loss point. For example, if the chips can lose six bets this time, then control your chips to the place where they should stop.

Baccarat Tip 5: Baccarat Brainless Betting

The so-called brainless betting method of baccarat, as the name implies, is to buy the banker or the idler all the way, and bet to the end without changing anything else. The simplest method has unexpected effects, especially suitable for new cards. If you have already lost in a row Wait a few hands and wait until the winning streak is interrupted before starting to re-bet! After statistical calculation, the winning rate of the buyer is a little higher than that of the idler~