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Baccarat strongest formula Share all at once!

The strongest formula of baccarat guaranteed to make money is here! Although the editor does not dare to claim to be a baccarat master, he has the ability to win hundreds of thousands in a few months. Among them, relying on this formula is the strongest baccarat formula, and good things are not hidden. , This time, the editor is going to share this super useful baccarat strategy with you, so that all friends can easily win money in the game of baccarat.

How to play baccarat

At the beginning, let’s first understand the most basic baccarat strategy gameplay. Everyone should know that baccarat is a game with the smallest chance of winning in casinos, mainly because there is no so-called “banker-player confrontation” in baccarat. Even players can bet on the banker to win, so the house edge in baccarat is very small.

From the basic baccarat strategy, we can know that baccarat is a game of “big and small”. According to the 2 or 3 hand points obtained by the banker and the player, and the game of big and small, here is the game

Baccarat Professional Play

Next, what the editor wants to share is a slightly advanced professional baccarat play, which is the so-called “seeing the road”.

What is the way of looking at the way of professional baccarat play? Simply put, it is to find out the “rule” of the winning and losing of banker and player in baccarat in the past, and then bet according to this rule. For example, when we find that the previous rule of winning and losing of banker and player is almost always the banker’s turn to win, then the banker wins. After that, we know that we can bet on the player in the next round; in other words, when the banker wins in a row, we can also bet on the banker, and there is a high probability that this regularity will be maintained.

Baccarat cracking diagram

Next, the editor is going to make a baccarat cracking diagram. Basically, you will find that although baccarat can also count cards, the efficiency of card counting is too low. You have to concentrate from beginning to end. This is not necessarily true. It can be calculated, it can only roughly judge a “possible” result, and because baccarat will leave a varying number of cards “unused” at the end, therefore, the more cards are counted in the later stage, the more Accurate, therefore, here I will share a simplified version of the baccarat cracking diagram for you.