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Baccarat step-by-step betting method teaching

I have proposed this strategy of baccarat betting before. At that time, I called it “staircase cable”. Later, I found that using “sky ladder cable” seemed to be more in line with its spirit. This “add 2 for the second time, add 3 for the third time, and 4 for the fourth time” betting method, does it look like a Taoist ritual “Ladder”? Step by step, the higher you go, the more frightened you are!

Players who are familiar with this baccarat method can skip this article and go directly to the following “Cocktail Gambling”.

betting method

Lose in, win out, bet for the first time (1), if you lose, bet for the second time (3), if you lose again, bet for the third time (6), if you lose again, bet for the fourth time (10), and if you lose again, bet for the fifth time The next time you play ( 15 ), this is progressive.

If you win once in the middle, take a step back. If you win on the fourth (10), go back to (6) on the fifth.

Win again, back to (3). If you go back to (6) and lose again, then continue to move forward one step, next time go to (10), if you win, go back to (6), if you lose, go on to (10). Go forward and backward repeatedly in this way, and return to (1).

Summary explanation

This is a typical “loss in, win back”, which is “win, shrink, lose valley” in Cantonese.

It has been used in the gambling world for a long time, and it has been vividly described as a tragic gambling epic: It is said that a wealthy Chinese businessman in Xingma was addicted to lodi 777  baccarat for many years, so his wife and children were separated and he became a street beggar. . One day, he met an expert by chance and taught him this set of secret skills. Since then, this down-and-out gambler has become the blacklist of casinos all over the world.

Baccarat: The Cocktail Game

In the past, my baccarat teaching platform proposed certain betting techniques. From the messages our team received from many players, many players operate according to the table, and it seems that they will not adjust themselves according to the principles I proposed.

For this alone, I replied to more than a hundred messages, and of course the letters couldn’t fully solve the confusion, and many players still couldn’t figure out the most suitable gambling method for their own characteristics.

This time, in this teaching article, I have briefly explained four kinds of gambling methods from simple to difficult. Here I will combine these four kinds of games and call it “cocktail gambling method”.