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Real professor! WM live baccarat betting method

Before betting on live baccarat and using the betting method, you must prepare 200×3 chips to prevent WM baccarat players from breaking the dragon before they win. If the players in Perfect Casino die before they start placing bets and have not yet won money, then they must continue to operate patiently, and they will definitely win money in the end. It was verified by Knorr after actual combat. Before introducing this kind of live baccarat betting, we must first introduce two basic English terms of WM baccarat, which are convenient for later introductions: Bank: or Banker, here refers to “banker”, referred to as B, Player : Refers to the player, referred to as P.

Live Baccarat Martin Betting Method

Martin’s betting method means that players bet on live baccarat and double their chips to bet when they lose a game. The baccarat player in the game will multiply the chip by 2 times, that is, the WM baccarat player will bet 200 yuan in the next game, if he loses again, he will bet 400 yuan, and so on.

When players bet on baccarat using the betting method, they can also use it with other baccarat techniques, such as “seeing the banker and the banker, seeing the player and the player”. Martin’s horse betting method does not have to be doubled to be used. When betting on live baccarat, players must first consider their own economic situation and choose how many chips to add to bet.

Live Baccarat Flat Betting Method

The flat betting method is that players use the same chips to bet on live baccarat, so players can set a sum of money as three rounds or six rounds when playing WM casino money. Players can set the range by themselves. You can use the same chips to bet in this range of baccarat games, whether you win or lose.

In addition, there is another method of flat betting, that is, players can alternately use flat betting and martingale method. After a live baccarat player bets a few rounds of flat betting, the next round will immediately increase by 2 or 3 times. The baccarat chips then revert to c-betting with flat betting.

Live Baccarat Staircase Betting Method

In the live baccarat staircase betting method, as the name suggests, the players bet chips that present the ascending or descending rules of the stairs. When players in Perfect Casino bet on baccarat, if the betting player loses, then the next game will lose one chip, and if they win the next game, one chip will be added. Some live baccarat players will also use the opposite betting method when betting on WM baccarat, that is, go backwards and take the staircase betting method. Just reduce one unit of chips to bet. On the contrary, if you lose, you will increase one unit of live baccarat chips to bet in the next game.

Live baccarat building 123 betting method

When betting on the live baccarat betting method, it can be used in combination with other baccarat skills. The most famous one is the combination of the 123 betting method and the betting method. Perfect Casino players use the 123 betting method when betting on baccarat, see the banker and the banker, and see the idler and the idler. At the same time, the players use the rule of 123123123 in each baccarat to distribute chips.

If the player bets on the result of the first round of baccarat in the fourth round, then the player will proceed to the chip of 1, for example, and directly change it to 3 to bet on live baccarat. If it is the baccarat betting of the fifth or sixth round The same is true for the opening results of the game.