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Wondering why you keep losing at Texas Hold’em?

Wondering why you keep losing at Texas Hold’em?

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Many players always bet blindly when playing Texas Hold’em, thinking that they are lucky, they don’t know where they are wrong, and they blame God, but if we find the reason for losing money and try to avoid it, then can we eliminate unnecessary losses? How about minimizing the loss and maximizing the probability of winning? This time, the editor will introduce the mistakes that players often make~~

wrong judgment

This situation varies from person to person. Some people have strong intuition and analytical ability. With appropriate experience, most of them can accurately estimate the opponent’s cards, raise when it is favorable, and fold when it is unfavorable. The most important thing is to know when your opponent will bet, raise, and check. The higher the player’s level, the more complicated the playing method, and the more confusing you are, so you should choose different playing methods and judgment methods according to different poker tables.

get good cards

The reason why you lose a lot of money is definitely not the bad cards, but because most players think that the cards are bad, so don’t make big bets, because you are absolutely sure to lose ~ so you will only make big bets when you get good cards, and the danger lies in here. Because it is difficult for most people to give up big cards, if there are obviously bigger cards on the table than you, then you can give up. This kind of bright cards on the table can be avoided for experienced players.

But the scariest thing is when you encounter a dark card, you don’t know what your opponent has, and you have a big card in your hand, so you don’t stop betting, and your opponent keeps calling or re-raising, and you have to follow until the opponent’s last When you show his cards, you realize that you have just committed such a stupid act, and the money has easily entered other people’s pockets.

continue to call unreasonably

This is very common and common, and generally occurs in beginners. In order to make a flush or a straight, call with all the defenses, not knowing that you have fallen into the trap set by others step by step, and the opponent knows your purpose, so they deliberately place a large bet to make you keep calling, usually In the end, they couldn’t make up the cards, and lost a lot of money in vain.

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