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Two Baccarat Plays Used by Veteran Players

Two Baccarat Plays Used by Veteran Players

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Baccarat can be said to be the most popular gambling game at present, but if you don’t have basic gambling skills today, you still can’t win, so today I will bring you two most commonly used playing methods for senior players, hoping to help you player.

1. Four breaks and one play

Some people call it the four-bead road, but in fact, in simple terms, it takes four rounds as a round, and as long as you win, you change the round. Specifically, you use 1, 2, 4, and 8 cables to play and hit Waiting for the next round, playing in this way, the winning rate can be said to be very impressive.

The number of 4 consecutive bankers or 6 consecutive idlers will not be too high. If you encounter bad luck, you may even lose all, but there is no way to guarantee that you will win, so it is normal to lose. That is 15 base yards, and a base yard of 100, that is 1500, which is not a lot. This is the worst case; if you win the first, second, third, and fourth rounds, you will win a base yard. See It seems rare, but it is still very rare to lose all four rounds, unless the luck is really very bad. If you have enough capital, if you take 5 rounds as a round, the probability of winning will be higher. Using the four breaks and one play method, although the win is not much, the chance of losing is much smaller. Under the setting of the stop profit and stop loss point, after playing 5 rounds, there are still some people who win 5 base yards. It is suggested that it is better to start a round on the basis of 2 consecutive idles and 3 consecutive idles.

2. Long dragon break two play method

First of all, find a short game that has never seen more than 4 long dragons. When there are 2 consecutive (such as 2 consecutive dealers), find out whether the previous 3 or 4 consecutive dealers are the dealer or the idler. If it is idle, then break this 2. If the funds are sufficient, there are 4 consecutive players in the front, and this hand is also a banker, that is, 3 consecutive bankers, then another hand will be broken.


You can set the bets by yourself. Anyway, the winning rate is very high. There are also big and small roads, big-eyed boy roads, etc., which can also be used as betting lines. The game of the long dragon, let me explain it below. If several roads in a game are watched and bet together, when a long dragon appears for a while, a long dragon appears in the opposite direction, and this time is when the black is connected. Play the first A long dragon does not necessarily lose, but if there is another long dragon in the opposite direction, it will definitely lose, so it must be avoided. The break 2 method is very suitable for non-long dragon play, what if it is a long dragon? It is recommended to use the flat bet and follow the dragon method.

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