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Learn how to play Niuniu in three minutes!

Learn how to play Niuniu in three minutes!

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Niuniu can play with my son?

How to play Niuniu? I have to say very straightforwardly with the old leek in the poker industry for many years, it will be possible to count hahaha ~ No joke, then enter the more professional part: Niu Niu is also called Niu Niu, the gameplay is extremely simple, each player will be. To distribute five poker cards, you need to make three hands into a multiples of ten. The remaining two cards are added to the number of digits of the player. Then play against the dealer with the final point, but because the gameplay is simple and rapidly, the trend of the game has also entered the campus that should read poems. Caused a lot of social problems. What charm does Niu Niu are full of charm to make students crazy? Let’s continue watching …

Niuniu special gameplay!

How do you play the special girl? Let me talk about it …

Texas Niuniu

With reference to Texas Hold’em game, players will only be distributed to two hands, and three cards will be issued on the table to allow players to combine the largest points by themselves.

Ghost Niu Niu

Common players will incorporate ghost cards into the card group, and ghost cards can be used as any card. Some ghost cards often increase the chance of many cards as Niuniu.

Five little girl

The five hands do not exceed ten o’clock, and the bureau does not calculate.

Old Second Niuniu

Bring some of the sophomores into Niuniu, such as gourds and iron branches.

Niuniu Bidao rules and odds

After introducing the basic rules of Niuniu how to play, come again to explain to the beginners to explain Niuniu’s comparison rules and odds ~ Don’t be stupid if you don’t understand, just play and become unjust! Niuniu will have different gameplay in each region. Here is the most common rules, odds, and gameplay.

※ J, Q, and K are calculated at 10 o’clock in Niuniu’s games! Intersection Intersection

No girl

On behalf of the five hands, there is no way to make a multiples of ten, which is the biggest point among the five poker cards.


After the three hands are made of ten, the remaining two additions are double to seven o’clock.


After the three hands are made of ten times, the remaining two are added to eight or nine times as twice; Niuniu is three times the multiple of each region.

Five male

It means that the five cards on the hand are composed of J, Q, and K. Fifth to ten times the multiple

If the above card type encounters the same situation as Zhuang Xian, the largest points of the five poker cards, if the points are the same, they will win and defeat in color.


Based on how to play the above girls and after the origin, do players open a new worldview like me? At first I couldn’t think that a game could combine so many gameplay ~ There are also Niuniu, grabbing Zhuang Niu Niu to play with each other in the good road chess and cards of the entertainment city now.

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