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Five baccarat tips you must know

Five baccarat tips you must know

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There are many winning strategies of baccarat circulated among players, but no matter which strategy you want to adopt, you must first understand what the game of “baccarat” is playing and what its essence is. The following Jin Dafa The 6 concepts introduced by the editor of the entertainment city are what players must know first, otherwise, no matter how powerful the strategy you use, it will be useless!

Baccarat mental concept:

1. Watch the road, play the cable, do not touch if you are not familiar with it

If you cannot understand the impact of each card on the baccarat result, these big roads and small roads will have very limited effects on you. The result of layman players following the road is that they often get lost.

2. Baccarat can also count cards

The blackjack counting method is to set the value of each card that appears, and if the sum is favorable to the player, then enter the field and increase the bet. The same method is also established in baccarat. To put it simply, through the conversion of the drawing rules, the number around 4 in baccarat has a greater impact on the winning result. After calculation, the weighted value of 4 is +3, 3 is +2, A and 2 are +1, 5 and 6 and 7 are both -2, 8 is -1, 9 and 0 are 0, when the value of the card on the table is larger, it means that the more small cards are played, the more beneficial to the banker, on the contrary, the larger the negative value is, the more negative it is. The more idle the better.

3. Baccarat is the game with the lowest house edge

The house advantage (the amount that can be recovered for every 1 yuan bet, and then subtract the expected value of recovery from 1) is the part where the casino’s winning rate is higher than that of the gambler.

4. The probability of opening a banker is inherently higher than that of an idler

Many new players will have a question, why does Baccarat not charge for betting the player but 5% for betting the banker? That way it’s all good to relax. But! Photo is also the first mistake many novice players make.

In fact, Baccarat has different winning rules due to the different rules of the banker and the player. After calculation, the probability of winning the banker with the 8 decks of cards used by the casino is 45.86%, and the probability of winning the player is 44.62%. The most important thing is the probability of a draw, but baccarat will not kill all draws, so in fact the probability of winning the banker is more than 50%, and only through 5% rake can it be lowered to below 50%. The main purpose of this 5% rake is to balance the expectations between the dealer and leisure.

5. Hit, pair, don’t touch

Baccarat’s winning cards and pairs are not commensurate with the odds. In fact, the probability of winning cards is 9.51%. After restoring the odds of 1:8, the expected value is only 85.56%. The house advantage of a tie is as high as 14.44%, the house advantage of pressing a pair is 12.15%, and the house advantage of lodi login baccarat is 1.2%, so pressing a tie or pressing a pair at the same time means that you will lose the betting amount of 10% first. % above bets.