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The most classic blackjack basic strategy is the best

The most classic blackjack basic strategy is the best

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Blackjack skills you must know

1. Learn and master basic strategies

Blackjack players must have a lot of blackjack books or Internet articles, and they will definitely find that there are blackjack strategy maps. Before starting to play blackjack, they must first study the strategy map carefully, or directly print the strategy map. It doesn’t matter if you bring it into the casino, you can refer to it at any time during the game.

2. Never add insurance

I heard that the game of “insurance” was invented by casinos in Macau. Although insurance seems to be very considerate of players, giving players more choices, but think carefully about how casinos can be considerate of players! In fact, the expected return rate of betting on insurance is -7.69%, which is much lower than that of not betting on insurance. In the long run, the income of never betting on insurance is greater than that of betting on insurance.

3. Carefully manage funds

Blackjack is the same as other games (such as baccarat, slot machines, etc.), it is very important to control funds. Prepare a fixed amount of funds each time, and then determine the profit stop point and stop loss point according to the available funds, and never over-bet. Once the loss reaches the stop loss point, stop immediately, play steadily and step by step, so as to ensure long-term profits.


All blackjack players must master the above 3 basic lodi login blackjack game skills. I believe that you will be more at ease in the future. I also hope that all players can have fun and stop being greedy in due course!