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Eight Baccarat Tips to Make You a Baccarat Winner

Eight Baccarat Tips to Make You a Baccarat Winner

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I. Introduction :

Baccarat is arguably one of the most popular games in the casino, whether it is an online casino or a physical casino, and when we use the correct baccarat skills, it can help you increase your funds and increase your chances of winning in each round , and take your baccarat game to the next level.

Basically, I like to watch the next three ways, so it will take some time for me to bet on baccarat once, but what we actually have to do is to ensure accuracy! Ordinary people betting only choose to bet on “banker” or “player”, or choose to connect or jump.

And my betting direction is to choose neither the banker nor the player, and only bet on one-way cards.

What is a one-way card type? It refers to the connection point that both banker and player will pass through. Betting on this connection point has a very high success rate.

The one-way card type is what I have summed up after playing online baccarat in the casino for many years, in order for players to master it together.

Next, I divided the one-way card types in baccarat skills into the following eight categories.

Two, the one-way card type in baccarat skills:

1. Changzhuang and Changxian:

This type of card is the card that the casinos are most worried about. And the chance of this kind of dragon card appearing is not high, but from the point of view of the entire online casino, it may appear every day. It depends on whether you are lucky enough to find it, and whether you have the courage to find it. Once I meet it, it will be Adopt the win-to-raise strategy, which can often win big money.

2. Long single jump road:

The single jump card type is the alternation of banker and player, which is very beneficial for players to bet, as long as they bet according to the alternation of banker and player, there is no need to think too much. In any shoe card, the number of times this card type appears in the first row is the largest.

3. One dealer and two players or two dealers and one player:

The characteristic of the two-banker-one-player card is that as soon as the player appears, he immediately jumps into the second consecutive banker. When this card type appears, when he sees the player, he will vote for the banker in the next game, and the winning rate of this game will increase. . The same is true for the card types of one banker and two players. You can refer to the way of two bankers and one player to bet.

4. The banker connects with the player and does not connect, and the player connects with the dealer without connecting the cards:

In this type of banker-player-not-connection card type, as soon as you see the player, you must vote for the banker. After the banker wins the first game, continue to vote for the second banker. The second banker and the first banker have the highest winning rate. Every consecutive banker must go through the first and second bankers, so only the first two shots have a high winning rate. Generally, when encountering this kind of card pattern, it is recommended not to bet for the third banker, and the card types that are idle and banker are also similar bets.

5. Zhuang Lian Xian Lian Pai Road:

This is a card path where both the banker and the player are connected, but the number of times of the next connection is different. Only bet on the connection nodes that the banker and the player must pass through. The second mouth of this type of card is the connecting node, which must be passed by both the banker and the player. There are two and three in Zhuang, and there are two and three and four in leisure. The safest is the second mouth. What you should pay attention to with this type of card is that you can’t play the first mouth, and the risk is too high.

6. Zhuang Huilian, idle disorder and idle Huilian, Zhuang disorder:

This kind of card road, only to find the connection point in the continuous out of the bank, to avoid regardless of the irregular players. When we encounter a regular and irregular card path of the dealer, in this case, we should focus on finding the connection point of the dealer. The safest thing should be the second port of the dealer as the connection point. This method is also applicable Yu Xian has regular and irregular card roads.

7. Qitou Pai Road:

The villages in each column are all regular, but not regular. At this time, when we encounter Zhuang Qitou, we will fight back against the first mouth, and then we wait until the first mouth appears and then play the second mouth. The connection point of these two mouths is the safest. Remember that you can’t bet on the first banker, because there are no rules, and there will be idlers and jumps one after another. Under this situation, it is very dangerous for us to play the first banker. On the contrary, idle hands and Zhuang’s irregular gameplay are also handled in the same way.

8. Changhong or Changlan roads produced by Big Eye Boy, Xiaolu, and Cockroach Road:

This kind of card road is a one-way card road, which is quite a good card road and can be used as a long-term betting direction.

3. Conclusion:

The eight kinds of card paths we introduced are one-way card paths that we can often meet. They are the basis for my betting direction over the years. The chances of winning will be quite high, so we might as well try some things in the actual operation of the online casino.

It must be noted that if the player bets according to this method, he can only bet when the connection point appears, and observe at other times. He must not play all the hands. If he plays all the hands, he will bet on the connection point Effect.

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