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Bingo analysis is super easy!

Bingo analysis is super easy!

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Getting Started with Bingo

Friends who like fast-paced games must read this bingo analysis carefully. Speaking of this game, it is a very popular keno game abroad. It belongs to the fast-opening computer lottery game. Is it just half of the prize number? It’s quite cheap, but it should be noted that his number selection range is from 01 to 80. The computer will randomly draw out 20 prize numbers every 5 minutes, and players can choose to play 1 to 10 at will. Players can join the game at any time during the lottery period from 07:05 to 23:55, and its gameplay is also quite diverse. In addition to the basic gameplay, there are super Prize number, guess size, guess odd or even, etc., the variety of ways to play is not inferior to other games!

Bingo Game Introduction

When doing bingo analysis, bingo analysis is indispensable. When introducing the gameplay, let’s first introduce the guessing size; the so-called guessing size means that the literal meaning is simple and easy to understand, and it is to predict from the 20 random prize numbers drawn by the computer. If you think that the smaller numbers (01-40) will draw equal to or more than 13 numbers, you will choose to bet (small). Conversely, if you think that the larger numbers (41-80) will draw the number, etc. If you catch more than 13 numbers, choose to bet (Large)! And guessing odd or even is even easier! It is to choose an odd number or an even number, and subdivide it into guessing small odd, small double, guessing and so on. The difference is that it will be equal to 11 or 12 numbers, and guessing a number means that odd or even numbers will be drawn out 10 numbers.

bingo odds

Bingo Bingo analysis to the third section, do you have a better understanding? There is also a game called super prize number; the super prize number game is the TURBO version of the bingo 1-10 star game, similar to the special prize number of the lottery, and the last number among the 20 prize numbers randomly drawn is Super lottery numbers, and if you want to spend a small amount of money to talk about winning, the L editor also tells you the chances of winning, such as Power Lottery is 1 in 22 million, Big Lotto is 1 in 14 million, and 539 is 1 in 575,000, but lodi login Bingo is one in 100,000, and it is a very good winning game among all games!

Bingo Data Analysis

If bingo wants to win, it needs to calculate its big data. It mainly records the unpopular numbers of the last few issues through data analysis, and finds out popular numbers and skipped numbers from the comprehensive analysis data, and comprehensively analyzes them. Go down and find 20 groups, and then find 5 numbers that you think are better, and finally bet 2 numbers and you will easily win 2 stars!