The editor secretly tells you that baccarat wins and skimps - lodi777

The editor secretly tells you that baccarat wins and skimps

The editor secretly tells you that baccarat wins and skimps

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Why is baccarat so attractive to players?

The reason why baccarat attracts players to play is because of the high fairness of baccarat. No matter which casino or entertainment city it is in, live baccarat is an absolutely popular game, but although baccarat The fairness of the home is high, but there will still be many players who fall into it. Sometimes it is not because of bad skills, but because of luck. I will help you when the time comes, and then I will elaborate on the following 3 tricks.

1. Immediate response

Know the length, change with the situation, long hit, short hit and jump, and twins:

Analyze and judge the long road cards and short-circuit cards, which should be combined with the characteristics of continuous jumps. If there are many long dragons in the front and short-circuit cards in the back, and you play jumps after two or three consecutive games, you should pay attention to whether Gemini (two bankers and two players) in formation. But if there is no long dragon or long bobo sticky in front of you, bet even and hope that the long dragon will appear, otherwise you will choose the blind door.

2. If things go wrong, avoid a decisive battle

If things go wrong, one for one, two for one, to avoid a decisive battle:

Pay attention to the rhythm of your own winning and losing, increase your winnings appropriately, stop losing in a row, bet one or two hands in your heart, bet real money if you lose, and continue to wait for one or two losses before betting real money if you win.

3. Poposticky

Follow up first, recognize one side, and avoid long jumps:

At the beginning of the new lodi777 baccarat one-shoe hand, there is no momentum to be seen, so choose the pobo sticky method with less self-errors. One side is the way of the blind door, see the reverse of the blind door. It is a natural conversion from Pobo sticky to blind, and the effect of winning money is not small. Long single jumps are hard to catch, avoid if possible, but a good Pobo sticky indicator.