Niu Niu ‘s high winning rate gameplay is open! - lodi777

Niu Niu ‘s high winning rate gameplay is open!

Niu Niu’s high winning rate gameplay is open!

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Niu niu rules of play

Niu niu uses a deck of poker cards (excluding ghost cards, 52 cards), one person is the banker, and the rest are players. At the beginning, 4 house cards (including the banker) will be issued. Players can choose to bet on the player or the banker. There are 5 cards in total for each player. A card, the first two and the last three cards, the last three must add up to a multiple of 10, and the remaining two cards can be placed in front to get points.

Niu Niu High Winning Raiders

Niu niu bet boldly on all cards, good luck will come all the time

Niu Niu has a cycle, that is, as long as a card with a high point is drawn in the previous game, the probability of winning the same position in the three rounds is very high. You must be bold when playing Niu Niu. If you are timid, good luck will leave you. You go away.

Even betting is very important. Even betting can not only improve your long-term profit, but also make a lot of money. How should I say it?

For example, players are timid and bet different amounts in each round. In this round, they bet 100 and lost. The next round was a little scared because they just lost, so they bet 30. In the end, they won. If you bet 100 and lost, you are not afraid to continue betting 100 in the second round. If you win, then add the odds, so it is not profitable.

Therefore, you must be bold enough to bet on Niuniu, and good luck will follow you. Hesitating all the time will only miss the opportunity to win money.

Overwhelming odds, let yourself be overwhelmed

Betting Niuniu has three odds (even, double, and multiple) to choose from. At the beginning, choose even to observe the card path. When you can keep up with the rhythm of the card path, you can play 4-5 games first, and get familiar with it. Take a look at the hand feeling, and then slowly increase the multiple (must be even bets). When you reach multiples, you have already made money when you are in the first two multiples. Play to multiples of tens of millions Don’t be nervous, because the more nervous you are, the more chaotic you will be.

First observe the multiple times of the 3-4 rounds of cards, sort them out, and continue to bet evenly. As mentioned earlier, as long as the cards with high points are drawn in the previous round, the probability of winning in the same position in the three rounds is very high. 5 rounds There are 3 rounds in which the probability of winning is 70%, so if you choose Niu Niu in these three rounds, you will earn a wave directly!

Enough is enough to make a fortune

No matter what you do, you must do it in moderation, and it is the same when playing Niu Niu. As long as you are about to play, you have to leave immediately. Don’t think about making more money. This is a wrong mentality. Lost light, why is this happening?

This is simply a matter of my own mentality. As long as I get any rewards, I have to stop, and I will continue to be nostalgic for the moment. I believe I will return it soon. People’s mentality is often as long as one loses, and the next one will fight back. The more you lose, the more you lose. Too much, continue to fight back, so I didn’t make any money later, and my wallet lost a lot of blood.

And no matter how lucky people are, they will also encounter consecutive losses. If they don’t win, they will bother to leave. If they continue to fight, it will only make things worse.

So you must put your mind right, so that you can make a lot of money.


The above is the explanation of “Niu Niu”‘s winning strategy.lodi777 Niu Niu mainly bets evenly to make herself return to capital and even make money.

The friends around me have already earned money for several meals with Nabi. After reading the above points, I believe it can help you improve your winning rate.

Here, I also wish all players good luck every day~ As long as Nabi discovers any skills and strategies, she will definitely share them with you. Of course, I also hope that I can share the fun of playing cards with you~~~