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You must know Niuniu skills: chess game strategy

You must know Niuniu skills: chess game strategy

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Niuniu rules of play

To play any game, you must read the rules of the game in detail. You must understand the rules of the game before you play.

The rules of Niuniu’s chess and card game are very simple. The most important thing to remember is that 10, J, Q, and K are 10, and A is 1. Also remember that the biggest cards are Niuniu and Niujiu. Players can use the maximum multiple Choose either the Banker or the Player, and the lowest cards are No Bull, Bull One, Bull Two.

NiuNiu’s rules are really simple, basically if you can memorize them, there is no big problem.

NiuNiu Skills Raiders

Find a good time to grab the dealer

Playing “Look at Four Cards and Rob NiuNiu”, if the dealer wins, you will earn a lot of money, but what! Money comes quickly when you are a banker, but it also goes quickly, so don’t grab the banker randomly.

Look at the four cards. At the beginning, Niuniu will deal 5 cards first, 4 open cards and 1 hidden card. If you see three multiples of 10 in the open cards, rush to grab the banker. This already means that you cannot be bullless , the probability of no bull appearing is very high, so as long as there are three cards with a multiple of 10 as the following cards, there is a great chance to win.

Everyone has a different way of playing. If you are counting cards and you think you have a chance to get a big card with the dark cards in this round, just grab 3 times, and you will definitely make a lot of money.

When you are lucky, don’t be too confident

When good luck comes, don’t be in the dealership all the time, just be a two-handed dealer, because no one knows when the good luck will leave, let alone when the luck is bad, don’t be competitive and want to earn back directly , It’s impossible, if your luck is already bad, just be a player obediently, even though you won’t win much, at least you won’t lose a lot.

When good luck comes, why don’t you make a lot of money? It’s good to make a profit in one or two hands. If you continue to play, you will be ruined, because if the mentality of the player is that you can win it back if you play more, so if the banker has no cattle, he will lose a lot.

judging players

At the beginning, you can observe how the winning dealers play multiples. After observing a few rounds, you should know not to compete with him as long as you see almost the same pattern, otherwise you may end up losing.

For example, when player A thinks that the cards are good, he is also lucky, and he calls the maximum multiple, so don’t argue with him. After all, his card luck is good, and he has his skills. It’s the same pattern, but after he has lost a few games, he can fight for the banker. The first reason is that he is out of luck. Even if his card is more than six, there must be someone who is bigger than him.

In fact, NiuNiu’s game, to put it bluntly, is a cycle,lodi777 because it is impossible to always have good luck or bad luck.


Many people think that NiuNiu’s chess and card games are only based on luck, but in fact NiuNiu also has skills, three points depend on luck, and seven points depend on card skills.

After learning the above points, I believe that everyone can become the king in NiuNiu chess and card games, and can also increase the winning rate.

Here, I also wish all players good luck every day~ As long as Nabi discovers any skills and strategies, she will definitely share them with you. Of course, I also hope that I can share the fun of playing cards with you~~~