The most authentic Niuniu Improve your winning skills!

The most authentic Niuniu Improve your winning skills!

The most authentic Niuniu Improve your winning skills!

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Niuniu, the five key points of the game

focus one

To do a good job in fund management, you must set a capital limit, the bets for each game and the final win or loss.

It’s a small gamble for fun, and it’s best to set a capital limit so that if you lose, it won’t affect your living expenses.

focus two

Playing Niu Niu must not rely on hunches, it is better to use mathematics.

Focus three

Be mentally prepared, there will be a lot of ups and downs in the short term when playing Niu Niu, and many things may happen. Anyone will definitely encounter a period of good luck or a period of bad luck, and it is very likely that bad luck will suddenly change luck Win a lot of money, so be mentally prepared so that you won’t be thrown off your feet by panic.

Focus four

When playing Niu Niu, the higher the difficulty of the game is, the smaller the house advantage will be if the game is played correctly. Therefore, if you want to be fair, you should increase the difficulty of the game.

Key five

Choose the safest and most stable entertainment city, so that you can play more easily and happily.

NiuNiu reveals her skills

understand the odds

Before playing Niuniu, there will be 3 kinds of odds for players to choose before the dealer deals cards:

Flat times: 1:1 odds.

Double: 1:X odds, up to 5 times.

Multiple: 1:X odds, up to 11 times.

If the player chooses to bet multiple times, the maximum amount can reach 11 times, how to calculate the odds? When we calculate the odds, we can subtract the odds on both sides.

Example: In the odds of winning or losing, if Niu Niu is against Niu San, the multiple = Niu Niu (10 times) / Niu San (3 times), and subtracting the multiples equals 7 times. If I bet 100 in this game, the win or loss is equal to 700 , It is because of the high digital magnification that Niu Niu is said to be played by people with a strong heart. This kind of excitement will really make players feel itchy. It is recommended that players who love challenges can try multiple times Niu Niu.

Niuniu, the key to skill is where Niuniu is

The most important thing about playing Niu Niu is that if you can guess who the Niu Niu is on, basically your winning rate will be greatly improved. , K, so the probability of restricting Wu Hua Niu is very small, so I suggest that you guess where Niu Niu is, and don’t be too obsessed with where Wu Hua Niu is.

Tossing cards can change luck

Tossing cards is a way to change luck. lodi login Niuniu will change new cards after each round of cards. There will be no cards that are the same as the previous round, so there is no need to calculate the results of a deck of cards. Niu Niu is also a kind of It is a game that depends on luck. However, because there will be a rule of playing cards, let the croupier see how the cards are dealt, so that you can be more sure of where the cards are opened. It is recommended that you observe before playing to see if this position is often opened. Good cards and the like, this can help you make good choices when betting.

Online casinos have a higher winning rate

It is more convenient for you to go to online entertainment to play Niu Niu, because Niu Niu itself still has an element of luck, it is better to go to the online casino to play first, and by the way, you can observe the pattern of Niu Niu’s card dealing or predict the skill of Niu Niu, and there is an advantage to playing online That is, the mind will not be disturbed by other people’s emotions, etc., so that players can win more.


Niu Niu is not just a game of luck, but the use of skills to increase the winning rate faster. It is also recommended that you play lodi 777 Niu Niu with different multiples. You will have a different feeling. I personally like to play Fan Fan Double, multiple times, because this kind of stimulation is so joyful, so hurry up and use the above Niu Niu skills to experience the stimulation! Here, I also wish all players good luck every day~ As long as I find any skills and strategies, I will definitely share them with you. Of course, I also hope that I can share the fun with you~~