You don’t know NiuNiu ‘s special gameplay rules full guide! - lodi777

You don’t know NiuNiu ‘s special gameplay rules full guide!

You don’t know Niu Niu’s special gameplay rules full guide!

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Niuniu special rules for playing

General Rules of Play

Niuniu can be played by many individuals at the same time, with one player as the banker and the others as players. The banker can be fixed by one player, or everyone can take turns to be the banker. After the banker and player are selected in each round, the player begins to choose the bet amount, which usually stipulates the minimum bet amount and the maximum bet amount limit. After the betting is completed, the cards will be dealt, and each person will be dealt 5 cards. After getting 5 cards, each person has to split them into a combination of the first 2 and the last 3 cards, and then start to compare cards with the dealer.

The principle of priority for the NiuNiu group card is that the total points of the last 3 cards are a multiple of 10, which is called “Youniu”, and the remaining 2 cards are placed in front to add up the points. The above five cards are all public cards, which can be called “Supreme” and “Five Lords”; but if any three of the five cards in the hand cannot be combined with a multiple of 10, it is called “No Bull”.

NiuNiu special play rules

NiuNiu Add more special decks

Earth Dragon: 5 cards with no more than 10 points, ranking second only to “Extreme”

Shuanggong Niuniu, Daigong Niuniu: According to whether there is a public card in the group, the different Niuniu compositions are further subdivided into unknown levels

NiuNiu add joker to deck

Some people regard the joker as a public card (ranked higher than K), but there are also some people who regard the joker as any point.

NiuNiu play with multiple decks

You can use 2 decks of cards or more, so when both sides hold cards of the same level and must compare the size of their hands, a tie may occur. At this time, the comparison starts from the second largest in the hand until the winner is determined.

tie rule

Some regulations consider that if both parties have no public cards or own dragons, it is a tie, and the player can get their bets back

Large and small standard

Some people will stipulate that 8 o’clock and 9 o’clock are considered double.

Players double compensation

Because the player only pays the initial bet at most, the risk of being the banker is relatively high, so some people will stipulate that if the banker gets Wugong or Niuniu, the player should double the compensation.

texas girl

That is to say, it is similar to the Texas Hold’em method. Each person is dealt 2-3 cards, and the table is dealt 2-3 cards. Let everyone use the table and the cards in their hands to score points.

Card type description and size for special playing methods

Five males> NiuNiu> Bull 9> Bull 8> Bull 7> Bull 6> Bull 5> Bull 4> Bull 3> Bull 2> Bull 1> Bull without bull> No cow

Wugong: All five cards are community cards.

NiuNiu: The sum of the first two and the last three are all multiples of 10.

Cow 1 ~ Cow 9: The last three sum up to a multiple of 10, and the sum of the first two sums up to a single digit.

With bulls and no bulls: the last three cards have no bulls, but there are community cards.

No Bull: No points can be obtained by combining five cards.

Niuniu brand odds introduction

Wugong: Bet 1 times, pay 6 times.

NiuNiu: Bet 1 time, pay 4 times.

Bull 7 ~ Bull 9: Bet 1 times, pay 3 times.

Bull 1 to Bull 6: Bet 1 times, pay 2 times.

Take the male own goal: 1 times the bet, 2 times the payout.

No Bull: Player loses bet.

NiuNiu epilogue

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