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Niu Niu Practical gameplay tips that novices must learn

Niu Niu Practical gameplay tips that novices must learn

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Niu niu how to play?

Niu Niu is a game with big wins and losses, many changes in the gameplay, and simple and exciting. First, one person is the banker, and the rest are players. Players must first bet the amount, and then come to the dealer to deal cards. Everyone will have 5 cards The cards should be separated by themselves, the last three cards are multiples of 10, and the first two are point cards.

J, Q, and K are called “human head” and “young boy head”, and they are all counted as 10 points. The rest of the cards are the points on the card. As long as the last three cards have multiples of 10, then it is “youniu”. If you can’t make it up, you will be “no girl”. If the player has a girl, you can compare with the dealer. If you are bigger than the dealer, you will win money. If you have no girl, you will lose the betting amount.

Niu Niu Basic Skills Raiders

Mental problems can affect winning or losing

Some players who play Niu Niu will definitely encounter a losing streak. Some may continue to lose, and some may re-start the winning track. Everyone should be wondering why there is such a difference? In fact, the key point is the mentality. Don’t feel that losing streak is miserable and then get angry, because basically such people are often the ones who lose the worst. Therefore, I hope that players must know that every game has It is the most fair to lose and win. If you can’t afford to lose even one game, let alone win a lot, it is absolutely impossible.

Plan funds, stop in time

No matter what game you play, you must allocate funds well. The funds for playing games are the extra money that can be played. Don’t mix living expenses into it. When allocating funds, you must think about how much you play today. For example: You have a total of one 10,000, 5000 is living expenses. Then there is 5000 left, take 2000-3000 to play, and leave the rest, so if the player loses today, at least 2000-3000 will be left. If you take all 5000-10000 to play, then your life It will be very difficult. Now that the funds have been allocated, there must be a stop loss point. If you play with a budget of 3,000, you must stop no matter whether you win or lose. Greed will result in no funds.

Master Niu Niu’s recipes

Most of the skills that novice players must master are related to psychological tactics. Please keep the following three formulas in mind.


Players who play Niu Niu must be courageous, because they must be able to withstand the moment when the dealer turns over a card. If it turns out to be Niu Niu or Wu Gong, the player has to pay 3 to 5 times the amount of their bet. When playing, bet boldly. If you shrink back, you will miss the good luck. That’s why players need to be bold.


No matter playing any game, you need to be patient. The winner is often the most patient. If the player is in a losing streak, becomes very irritable and starts to raise wildly, and the final result is still a loser, then why is patience the winner? When the player is in the state of losing streak or winning streak, he still bets calmly and bets instead of being irritable and chaotic. The irritable will only affect himself, which is why patience is needed.


Niuniu game itself has a bit of luck, but don’t worry, because the skill component is more important than luck. When you realize that your luck is not good, then quickly use your skills to fight back. If the player’s luck is right, quickly win more and be bolder .


The above are the strategies that novices must learn. I wonder if novices have a better understanding of lodi 777 Niu Niu’s game? Recently, the epidemic is very serious. I can’t go anywhere. It’s better to play Niu Niu to practice my hand. Here I suggest that you can go to the online casino to play. You can not only play at home but also communicate with players. The point is that you don’t have to worry about finding cards. Coffee, because many players are also playing, don’t miss such a convenient opportunity! Here, I also wish all players good luck every day~ As long as I find any skills and strategies, I will definitely share them with you. Of course, I also hope that I can share the fun with you~~