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Learn how to play Niuniu in three minutes!

Learn how to play Niuniu in three minutes!

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Niuniu, it’s so simple that even children can play it?

Niuniu how to play? As an old leek who has been in the poker world for many years, I must say frankly that it is enough to be able to count hahaha~ I am not kidding. Next, I will enter the more professional part: Niu Niu, also known as Niu Niu, the game is extremely simple. Every player will To distribute five poker cards, it is necessary to first make up the three cards in multiples of ten, and the remaining two cards are added to take the single digit to be the player’s points. Then use the final points to compare the game with the dealer, but because the gameplay is simple and fast, the trend of the game has also entered the campus that should be full of poetry and books. It has caused a lot of social problems, what kind of charm does Niu Niu have so that students are crazy about it? Let’s read on…

Niuniu Special gameplay!

How about that special girl? Next, let me tell you the story…

texas girl

Referring to the Texas Hold’em game, players will only be dealt two cards in their hands, and three cards will be dealt out on the table for players to combine to maximize their points.

jackass girl

Common players will include ghost cards in the deck, and ghost cards can be used as any cards. Having a ghost card often increases the chance of a lot of cards being Niuniu.

five little girls

If the total of the five cards in the hand does not exceed ten points, the game will not be counted.

dick girl

Bring some card types of the second child into Niuniu, such as gourd and iron branch.

Niuniu rules and odds

After introducing the basic rules of how to play Niu Niu, I will explain Niu Niu’s card game rules and odds to beginners~ Don’t just play if you don’t understand and end up being taken advantage of! Niuniu has different ways of playing in each region. Here we will first explain the most common rules, odds, and ways of playing.

※J, Q, K are all counted as 10 points in Niuniu game! ! !

no girls

It means that the five cards in the hand cannot be made into a multiple of ten by three cards, and it is compared with the largest point in the five poker cards. If the points are the same, it is compared with the suit

There are girls

After the three cards make up a multiple of ten, the remaining two cards add up to one point to seven points, and the odds are doubled

Niu Sheng

After the three hand cards make up a multiple of ten, the remaining two cards add up to eight or nine points, which is doubled; for Niu Niu, it is tripled (the multiplier is different in each region)


It means that the five cards on the hand are all composed of J, Q, and K. Multiples ranging from five to ten times

If the above cards have the same points as the banker and the player, the maximum points among the five poker cards will be compared. If the points are the same, the winner will be determined by suit.


Based on the above how to play Niuniu and the origin, have all the players opened up a new world view like me? At first, I didn’t expect that one game could combine so many gameplays~ Now there are Niu Niu and Rob Zhuang Niu Niu in the Haolu chess and cards in the casino for players to play against each other. Players who can’t wait to get ready to register and log in to the casino~~

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