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The strongest fishing machine strategy is here!

The strongest fishing machine strategy is here!

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What is Sanxian Fishing Machine?

Three Immortals Fishing Machine is a fishing machine game with oriental color launched by Zebra Gaming (ZG Electronics). It is a fishing game with the highest occurrence rate of big fish with high jackpots. Three Immortals Fishing uses the three immortals of “Fu Lu Shou” in oriental culture as the biggest prize in the game. There are also various high-magnification green dragons, golden boys and prop fish species so that players can enjoy the thrill of shooting and fishing while making money.

Fishing machine game only pushes three immortals Fishing machine

After entering the ZG Three Immortals fishing game, you will see three types of rooms that you can enter, namely the Yuyu Hall with 0.1 yuan per shell, the Fortune Hall with 1 yuan, and the Wealth Hall with 10 yuan. Although 10 yuan for a bullet does not seem to be a lot, sometimes you may not be able to catch fish even if you shoot hundreds of bullets, so the editor recommends that you do what you can when playing the fishing machine. You can start playing in a room with a small bet .

After entering the game room, you can see four positions, which means that up to four players can play at the same time. Players can control the value of each shell by adjusting the plus and minus signs next to their turret. Of course, the bonus for catching fish is calculated according to the value of the shells you fire. And the exclamation point and a row of mahjong that appear on the left hand side of the screen are the red envelope task and the word collection task.

As long as you catch the fish species and quantity specified in the red envelope task, you can get a big red envelope with the atmosphere of the Spring Festival; and the mahjong task is to collect mahjong by catching mahjong fish in the screen. By collecting different mahjong tiles, you can get different Amount of bonus.

Three Immortals Fishing Machine Basic Gameplay

Just tap the screen to launch cannonballs to attack fish schools, and the angle of firing cannonballs will change according to the location of the tap on the screen. In the general attack mode, as long as the cannonball touches the fish school, it will be regarded as an attack. If you want to successfully capture a specific fish species, you can use the lock button on the screen, so that the cannonball will only focus on the target fish to be attacked, and catch the target fish After planting, the turret will automatically stop shooting, which is quite convenient. If you are tired of using your finger or cursor to play on the screen, you can also use the hang button in the middle of the screen to automatically set the fish species to attack, let the program shoot automatically, and make a lot of money for you.

Three Immortals Fishing Machine Species Odds

Although the previous editor mentioned that big fish with high prize money often appear in Sanxian fishing, but what kind of fish are there in the whole game? Let me help you sort it out.

General fish species: The general fish species of Sanxian Fishing can be divided into three categories: small fish, medium-sized fish, and large fish, with bonuses ranging from 2 to 150 times. Among them, these large fish with high prize money will appear in the picture almost all the time, which can be said to be one of the most attractive selling points of Sanxian Fishing.




Sanxian Fishing Machine Special Fish Species Introduction

The second selling point of Sanxian Fishing is Sanxian himself! Different from the ultimate big fish of other fishing machines that move fast, the Fu Lu Shou Sanxian of Sanxian Fishing is not only huge in size, but also moves very slowly. The editor once got 10 times in the time when the three immortals passed by. 100 times the bonus, let alone other professional fishing machine masters. No wonder the editor can see that the Sanxian Fishing machine is full of guests when actually playing, and it is very difficult to find an open seat for a test game.

The last feature of Sanxian Fishing is a variety of special fish species, such as mahjong fish that can be collected after catching mahjong. As long as all mahjong tiles are collected, you can get a maximum bonus of 200 times.

There are also various prop fish that can help fishing machine players catch big fish, let the editor introduce them one by one:

Purple gold gourd

That’s right! The first special fish species introduced by the editor is not a fish, but a gourd. But don’t underestimate this gourd. After capturing the purple gold gourd, your fort will become a “gourd cannon” with range attack within a specified time, capable of catching all fish species within the range.

ice fish

After catching an ice crystal fish, the next 50 bullets will become free bullets, which can be imagined as a concept of “free spins” in an online slot machine, but there is still a slightly different point that fish caught through ice crystal shells will randomly multiply the winnings by 1~8 times, this is a special benefit that only Sanxian Fishing has!

lion fish

After catching the lion dancer fish, you can get three powerful cannons, which can cause a powerful attack on the fish in the shooting direction and increase the chance of catching fish.

Tai Chi diagram

Taijitu is one of the most powerful and difficult props to catch, but as soon as it is caught, Taijitu will attack all fish schools with lightning. If there are enough fish schools on the field, you can get at least 50 times the bonus.

Three Immortals Fishing Machine’s secret to making money

1. Use the fishing cycle to pick up the tail knife

The most profitable way to play the fishing machine is to directly aim at the fish species that other players have already hit with residual blood when the eating installment and the leisure period are switched, and directly make up a shot! If you can save ammunition as much as possible during the leisure period, you can save more, so that you can have enough ammunition to focus on grabbing money during the spit period (high-odds fish species appear).

2. Avoid projections from the largest schools of fish

This is the biggest “trap” in the fishing game! Never see a big school of fish coming in and shoot wildly all the time. The big fish school has a higher hit rate because of its large size, but if the big fish school swims fast, be careful whether it is a trap for fishing games to lure players to shoot , This is also one of the lodi 777 casino login fishing machine skills that other casinos will not mention.

3. Aim at the part to attack when fishing

Cannonballs have different effects on the parts of each fish. The weak points of most fish in fishing games are gills and fins, and the weak points of a few fish are limbs. It is more effective to raise the shells and aim at these weak points. Kill the fish.