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Advanced Skills: Probability Theory

Advanced Skills: Probability Theory

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Fried Golden Flower Actual gameplay

The first few rounds are very important. Because in the first few rounds, everyone wants to find out the opponent’s cards, so it is very important to be stable in these few rounds, and set up a personal setting, so that everyone only knows how you feel, but they don’t know anything about your real strength. .

First of all, to clarify, the core of this game is still psychological tactics, here is only an explanation within the range of probability: 52 cards will have a total of 52`’`51″`50! (3 “`2)=22100 combinations of leopard probabilities: Each number can have 4 combinations of leopards, a total of 13 numbers, so there are 52 combinations, the probability is 52/22100, and it will only appear once more than 400 times on average.

The probability of a straight flush: each suit can have 12 combinations of a straight flush, a total of four suits, so there are 48 combinations, the probability is 48/22100, and the molecule is smaller than that of a leopard. Although the difference is very small, it still proves that the probability of a straight flush is indeed higher .

However, the probability of these two types of cards appearing is very small. On average, more than 400 cards can appear once, so if you catch it one time, thank God! Pie in the sky.

Of course, after playing for a long time, such as several hours, it is expected that such cards will appear. After all, the total number of cards dealt will be far more than 400 times.

The probability of the same suit: the number of the same suit combination of each suit is 13’12’11/return month: 2 and 12 straight flush = 274, a total of 4 suits, so the total combination is 1096; the probability is 1096/22100, the average is not Up to 20 cards are dealt once.

The probability of a straight: Compared with a straight flush, after the first card is selected, the original card that must be selected each time becomes 4 cards, so the combination of a straight should be 16 times that of a straight flush, and the straight flush itself must be excluded. Therefore, the number of combinations of a straight is 48*15=7200, and the probability is 20/22100, which occurs once in 30 times on average, which is obviously much smaller than the probability of a flush.

Formula: Probability Theory

Let us use simple probability theory knowledge to calculate it! How many combinations can there be with just three cards?

This golden flower, this bomb, this straight, can their changes be covered by numbers? As we all know, there are a total of 52 cards in poker – from A to K, in four suits.

Then from these 52 cards, any three cards are extracted,

Formula: 52*51*/3*2*1=22100

So how many situations are there for three cards with the same number?

Formula: 13*4*3*2/(3*2)=52 (13 numbers, choose 3 combinations of four suits of any number)

Jinhua + Shunzi Appearance Situation

Formula: 4*11=44 There are only 11 kinds of straights in any suit. From 234 to QKA, there are 44 kinds!

The appearance of Jinhua

Formula: 4*(13*12*11/(3*2)-11)=1100 After any combination of 13 cards of 4 suits, 11 straight cases must be subtracted.

Shun Zi appears

Formula: 11*(4*4*4-4)=660. Each card in the 11 types of straights can have four suits, and at the end of the subtraction of four cases of the same suit, there are only 660 types!

Common Pair Occurrences

Formula: 4*12*13*4*3/2=3744. 13 kinds of pairs come from the combination of two suits, and 12 different numbers from pairs are any four suits, there are 3744 kinds!

in conclusion

Formula: 22100-52-44-1100-660-3744=16500. That is, the total quantity minus all the above

This is like when the military flag is lowered, there are three commanders, but only one engineer; this is also like starting a company, a large group of leaders lead one employee, the unreasonableness is obvious!

However, it needs to be adjusted. We reduce the number of cards and reduce the 13 numbers. Only in this way can the golden flower be bigger than the straight.

We take the number as n before it is 13. When n is equal to, the number of golden flower combinations will be less than the number of straight combinations. Players can win or lose with the three cards in their hands. According to the conditions and judging the situation, they can add, follow, check cards, Operations such as giving up and opening cards are a test of the participants’ abilities.

Different types of fried golden flower games should be dealt with with corresponding strategies. As long as you can prescribe the right medicine, it is not difficult to win money. Please consider and refer to:

If there is no lucky hit in the classic black and red fried golden flower for more than 5 consecutive rounds, you can use the doubling method to double the bet and buy until you win the prize. Generally, after seeing the dragon break, he will come back and win again when he buys the next hand.

Grab the banker – it’s better not to be the banker, and you can place high-dollar big bets when the cards you get get stronger and stronger.

Battle against Fried Golden Flower – apply the AK big card theory of Texas Hold’em, don’t fold your cards easily when you get a single K or more.

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