Playing Texas Hold’em Have you ever met a flat caller?

Playing Texas Hold’em Have you ever met a flat caller?

If you play low-stakes Texas Hold’em at lodi777, you may often face flat-calling players. Whether online or offline, players at this level are often relatively passive, so frequent flat-calling will be part of the game. And you need to learn how to deal with it. Fortunately, if you play it right, it can be a lucrative opportunity. In this article, we’ll share a few tips to help you beat those pesky flat-callers.

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First of all, what is a flat caller in lodi777’s Texas Hold’em?

Let’s clarify first, what do you mean when you talk about flat players? A flat call is entry into the pot by simply calling a bet rather than adding to the blinds, sometimes called a first flat call, and is the exact opposite of making a first raise to enter the pot.

On the other hand, there is also the so-called “re-calling”, which means flat-calling later, which is different from what we are going to discuss, and you will understand soon after you continue to read. Therefore, when we refer to beating the flatter, we mean “the first flatter”.

1. How to deal with flat players

The first thing you have to do when faced with a flat call is to assess the table situation, every opponent and problem is different, and in this case you should do one of two things, This will determine the rest of your strategy for knocking off flatters and moving forward.

2. Play more relaxed

When a player flats, it means he has a hand worth trying and wants to see what the flop will do, it may not be an overcard like a pair of aces, but at least it has some value. However, as we discussed in our Common Mistakes preflop article, flat calling is often seen as a sign of weakness.

An experienced player will know that it’s best not to flat call and will raise most of the time, so we can safely raise with a wider range, likely leading the next few streets. In the long run, isolating this worse-than-average player could make us a lot more money, and who knows, you might even take the pot outright.

3. Hit harder

Everything is not that simple in a poker game. Of course, there are exceptions to this strategy of dealing with flatters. If the opponent is a very good player, it is likely to be a well-thought-out flat range. Then At this time, you should act cautiously. Although there are not many such players, they do exist.

Taking this a step further, if there is an aggressive player who 3-bets often behind your position, there is a reason to call instead of raise. Finally, take into account the current state of the table, any skill or positional advantage will be diminished if you are facing a short stacked player, so it is best to slow down at this time.

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Use 4 tricks to repel Texas Hold’em flat-callers at lodi777

With these caveats in mind, here are the top tips for successfully dealing with flat players.

1. Implied Odds

Flat-calling behind is not a bad idea when you have good implied odds and have a decent hand. Good re-calling hands include small pocket pairs, hands with aces, and of course There are suitable connectors.

These cards are easy to throw away if the flop goes against you, but you can easily stack up your opponent with the right flop.

2. Play Texas Hold’em and raise when you encounter a big pair

Good pair hands are rarely worth any value against flatters, to get the most value out of strong hands try to make a challenge, especially if their hand strength is likely to be weaker, if you can get it right away There is no problem with pots.

Hands like J-J or 10-10 should also be raised, especially when facing several flatters, it is very important to reduce more people into the pot and reduce the chance of being reversed.

3. Raise with medium strength hands

If you’re in position, you can also raise flatters with moderate strength hands, maybe not much showdown value, but hands like 10-9 or 10-J are never good for isolating flatters Not a bad idea, since they are likely to be weaker hands and easier to get off the flop.

Don’t get too aggressive with medium strength hands though, make sure you’re in position and remember that flat calls still mean decent hands.

4. Know your opponent

Finally, it is worth mentioning again that “you need to know your opponent”. You must understand their playing style and what they want to achieve. Many flat-calling players will have a very basic style of playing, raising with good hands and discarding bad hands. The rest are all flat calls, but other players may not necessarily do so.

If your opponent is a tricky player and has spotted the trap, trust your instincts, the last thing you want to do is give up flat-raising because you are eager to raise with a wide range.


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