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How can I profit from sportsbook esports betting?

Do you know the difference between esports betting and traditional lotteries? Today, I will take you to understand the difference between e-sports betting and traditional lottery? As for why sports betting is so popular? Next thing you will know!


What is the difference between esports betting and traditional lotteries?

Before starting e-sports betting, you must first understand the difference between e-sports betting and traditional lotteries: e-sports betting changes very quickly, not only e-sports teams and e-sports players are easy to change, the most obvious difference between e-sports betting and traditional lotteries is Game updates and format changes very quickly.

Players often need to change tactics based on game updates, and while players with more information have a tougher time in esports, sports betting is a unique situation.

What are the common game items in e-sports betting?

E-sports gambling has a wide variety of game items, among which RTS games and FPS games are the main ones. Among them, the most popular projects are “LoL League of Legends”, “DOTA2” and “CS:GO”.

The Secret to Esports Betting Success

Before any online sports betting, it is recommended that you fully understand what you are betting on, as most esports bettors do not bet on every game, but rather focus on specific esports events (or specific markets), you can Maximize your strengths. Winning percentages in the fields you know best.

Follow team changes

The content of e-sports competitions changes faster than traditional sports, and with the influx of funds into the e-sports industry, the frequency of player transactions is also increasing. There is no traditional sports team transfer event in e-sports. Now players can change teams at any time, so Knowing the movements of players and stars is very important for esports betting.

Follow game updates

In traditional sports, there are usually not many variables that require players to be particularly vigilant except for minor adjustments to the sports rules; but e-sports events are different, e-sports events may change due to the update of general game content.

The challenge with esports betting is that player or team performance can change significantly due to updates, so it is important to keep track of game updates and how they affect esports players. -physical education.

LOL sports betting special betting method


disable role

In a League of Legends battle, two teams will each ban five heroes and pick five heroes. Usually the selection and the location of the penalty area will vary according to the strength of the hero, the strengths of the players of the two teams, and the consideration of on-the-spot tactics.

For example, the “don’t buy too much” incident of the finalists of the 2021 League of Legends Global Finals broke out because of team tactical considerations, which caused gamblers to make mistakes in betting and lose money. It is impossible to predict which hero you will bring to battle before the game.


Kills are probably the most common event in the game of League of Legends, and the first kill in the game can be rewarded with additional money. The difficulty of killing enemy characters is very different for each hero and lineup, so the number of kills in each game or which route has the most kills is also an item for LOL betting.

river crab

River crabs are neutral mobs in League of Legends. One was born in the upper river, and the other was born in the lower river. When these two crabs are killed, the next crab will respawn randomly. You can get experience points and money by killing crabs, and you can also get the scenery of Jiangxin in time.

It is a seemingly harmless but important creature. LOL sports betting generally allows viewers to predict which team will kill which half of the team by betting.

flying dragon

Mutalisks are epic monsters in the League of Legends game. The first dragon will appear at five minutes into the game. One of the five traits (such as Science and Technology) will be born randomly. After being killed, it will respawn after five minutes. The attributes of the first 3 flying dragons in the same game will not be repeated, but the attributes will no longer be random after the third dragon starts.

Same trait until one of the teams kills four Mutalisks. A handicap generally allows players to bet on the characteristics of each dragon, as well as the team that kills the first dragon.

Herald, Baron

The Herald and Baron are also epic monsters in the game. They will form at Barong Pool, upstream at 8 minutes into the game. After defeating them, the player can obtain the Herald Eye, which can be used to speed up the demolition of the defense tower. The game will spawn up to two Heralds.

The Herald will be replaced by Baron after 20 minutes of game time, and the team that defeats Baron will receive a 3-minute buff. Online sports betting markets usually have when they were killed, the team that killed them, how many kills, etc.


The main purpose of League of Legends is to destroy the enemy’s main city, but before attacking the main city, the defense tower and crystal barracks must be destroyed first. There will be extra rewards for defeating the first defense tower in the whole game, so most teams will fight with all their strength. . first tower.

Destroying the Crystal Barracks, while giving no economic advantage, will spawn super minions along this route, putting pressure on the enemy line and potentially gaining an advantage. Towers are similar to Crystal Barracks. They all predict which team will destroy the building first and which building will be destroyed, as well as the main obstacle, the total size, etc.