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Sabong is an entertaining tradition that is practiced almost everywhere in the world, taking advantage of the fact that birds in the shape of chickens (and also other birds) are aggressive during the rutting season. Sabong is a game prevalent in ancient China. It was first developed by the Dai people of the Baiyue. In Asia, the Indus civilization already had Sabong (they used the original chicken).


They are found in China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Andhra Pradesh, India, and Tamil Nadu in Asia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Mexico, Peru, Dominica, Louisiana in the Americas, and in France and Spain in Europe.


When two fierce roosters are put together in a cockfight, they will peck and bite each other fiercely and hit each other with a distance. If two chickens have been fighting each other for a long time and they are tired, they will be sprayed with water to wake them up, so that they will be revitalized and put back into the fight until one of the roosters is defeated. The chicken fight scene is quite intense, the two chickens fought indistinguishable, incompatible, after the fight, the crown bleeding, cries feeble.


Sabong Options

  • Fighting Chicken
  • The chicken should have short and thin hair to reduce the chance of being bitten by the opponent.
  • Small and straight head
  • Deep eyes and thick skin
  • The feet are large and straight, and the distance between the chickens is well developed.
  • Stable and steady, not moving around.
  • Such a fighting chicken has a good chance of winning. Most of the fighting chickens are domesticated from the naturally aggressive red-haired chickens.

Training for Sabong

Pile straw into a straw mound and put chickens on the mound to train their foot strength.
Put the rice fed to the chickens at a high place and let them stretch their necks to eat the rice, so that they will have a sharp beak.
Cut the crown of the chicken short, so that the opponent does not bite on.

Philippine Sabong

Habitual Sabong enthusiasts, the Sabong feather color also has a choice, the general male cock to green, red, purple, soap feather color for the upper color. The green bucket is black feathers with a slight greenish luster; the red feathered bucket has red-brown neck and back feathers and black or white sand tail feathers; the purple feathered bucket has black-red or purple-red neck and back feathers; the soap feathered bucket has dark black-brown feathers and no luster.