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Slots are gambling machines, also known as slot machines, and can often be found in casinos or casinos that specialize in slot machines. The game is played by putting “slots” (a Wu word meaning coins) into the machine, and then different patterns will randomly scroll on the machine’s screen, and if the same or a specific pattern link appears when the machine is stopped, it will win according to its odds. The machine is also known as a slot machine or slot machine because of the low winning rate of the bets and the fact that there is no return if you enter a tiger’s mouth. In the early days, the machines were also called slot machines because they had a pull-up bar on the side of the machine.



The first slot machine must have been built in 1891 by Sittman & Pitt, a Brooklyn-based company.

In about 1896, a man named Charles Fey developed the first commercial slot machine in his San Francisco machine store. The machine was made of cast iron, with three reels inside, a coin hole on the outside and a lever to activate the machine. It soon became a must-have in salons, casinos, and even many retail stores where customers would trade their winnings for merchandise – hence the term “trading merchandise”.

How to choose a machine and why to watch the game?

If you still don’t know how to play slots 777, you can start by watching the game.

The name “slot machine” is not just a name for an unsaturated tiger, but at the same time, please remember that it is only entertainment and you can’t rely on it to make steady profits.

Generally speaking, the small prizes of slot machines are very large, but at best, they are not losing.

The betting steps are very simple

The rules of slot machines have their own betting steps, and when we find a machine that suits our preferences or the amount of chips we have, we can start betting.

If you are playing online slots, you have a wide range of bets to choose from, and you can also choose how many times you want to bet, with options for 5, 10, 50, 100 or even an unlimited number of bets.

Slots Introduction to the operation of the game interface

Slot machine interface has certain rules, the operation interface will have the slot machine rules, the betting range, the number of cycles, the winning rules, the free game pattern and the special prize winning rate, etc. There are also volume adjustment and acceleration animations to choose from, whether you want to play slowly and leisurely or quickly to fight for the big prize, these can be chosen in the slot machine game operation interface!